1E61 0612 Liverpool to Newcastle

1E61 0612 Liverpool to Newcastle

17th June 2024 1 By Adam Haigh

Starting at Liverpool Lime Street, you’ll be driving the first service to Newcastle as far as Manchester Victoria. Year: 2014.


30-minute scenario for Chat Moss route by ATS.



Alan Thomson Sim (and their dependencies):

Class 185;

IIA biomass wagons;

Settle Carlisle HTA Hopper Repaints;

Chat Moss.


Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):

Weather EP V2;

Class 66 EP;

Class 142 V2.0;

Class 150/1;

Class 156;

Class 158 Cummins EP;

Class 319 Vol 1;

JNA-C wagons.


Major Wales Design (and their dependencies):

Class 390 Revamp.