1D80 10.15 Blackpool North – Holyhead (1993) – Updated

1D80 10.15 Blackpool North – Holyhead (1993) – Updated

2nd January 2023 2 By Matt Carroll

Hi, and thank you for downloading this 115 minute scenario for the TFW-branded version of the North Wales Coast route. This is an overhaul of a scenario that I released in 2019 for the original ATW-branded version of the route, with some newer products now utilised.

To install, simply copy the enclosed ‘Content’ folder to your Railworks folder. This is a ‘Standard’ scenario and is named “[MJC] 1D80 1015 Blackpool North – Holyhead”

On a busy Summer Saturday, drive 37429 on a Regional Railways service down the North Wales coast. Year: 1993.
You join the run sat outside Chester station awaiting the signal into your booked platform. Once back underway you will call at Chester, Prestatyn, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno Junction, Bangor, and Holyhead. On arrival you will then run-round the stock ready for the return working.
It’s a busy Summer Saturday along the coast and trains are very busy. Class 37/4s are making their mark on these workings this Summer, although class 31s can still be seen out and about.

The following are required to ensure that the scenario functions correctly:

* From Steam:
– North Wales Coast Line https://store.steampowered.com/app/1804511/Train_Simulator_North_Wales_Coast_Line_Crewe__Holyhead_Route_AddOn/
– Class 101 Regional Railways https://store.steampowered.com/app/277736/Train_Simulator_BR_Regional_Railways_Class_101_DMU_AddOn/

* From Armstrong Powerhouse https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/ :
– Class 31 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– Class 37 locomotive pack volume 1
– Class 43 (Valenta) / Mark 3 coach enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– Class 101/117/121 sound pack
– Class 142 DMU pack
– Class 150/1 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– Class 150/2 DMU pack
– Class 156 DMU pack
– Class 158 (Cummins) enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– Mark 1 coach pack volume 1
– Mark 2A – 2C coach pack

* From Just Trains:
– Common library (included with all recent JT routes)

Optional Requirements
The following are NOT required to ensure that the scenario functions correctly, however they will add to the immersion:

* From Armstrong Powerhouse https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/ :
– Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
– TTA wagon pack volume 1 (static)

* From Steam:
– WCML Over Shap route (static consists) https://store.steampowered.com/app/222613/Train_Simulator_West_Coast_Main_Line_Over_Shap_Route_AddOn/

* From Alan Thomson Sim:
– Gold Star Trains Plasser & Theurer Ballast Tamper (static) https://alanthomsonsim.com/product/gold-star-trains-dr73106-ballast-tamper/

* From Steam Sounds Supreme:
– Departmental Hoppers Pack (static) https://steamsoundssupreme.com/page_dephoppck01.html
– Departmental Wagon Pack (static) https://steamsoundssupreme.com/page_depwp.html

* From Just Trains:
– Class 153 advanced (static only)
– YGB Seacow (static only)

* From Major Wales Design:
– Class 153/155 revamp pack https://www.major.wales/revamp-packs/153-155

I do hope you enjoy this scenario.