1D06 08:33 London Kings Cross-Leeds

1D06 08:33 London Kings Cross-Leeds

3rd November 2022 2 By Cactus732

Drive newly reliveried 91130 on the 08:33 LNER service to Leeds.

Scenario Route: ATS ECML London Kings Cross-Leeds/York
Scenario Length: 2hrs 25min.


AP Class 91EP + ATS LNER/VTEC Reskin Pack
AP Class 800EP
AP Class 700EP + Azeezsim Patch 1.1 from Semaphore Simulations
AP Class 66EP + BodgeitTMD (ATS) Freightliner Pack
AP Class 170EP + Majorwales Northern Reskin
AP Class 158EP (Perkins + Cummins) + ATS Class 158 Northern Variants
AP Class 377/379/387EP + ATS Great Northern Ex-C2C Reskin
AP Class 156
AP Class 150/2
AP JPA Wagons
ATS Class 185
DTG Class 180 + Majorwales Revamp Pack
JT Voyager Advanced + Leander (ATS) Updated Voyager Consists

Note: During testing I did experience a dump around Holloway. Load the scenario, enter cab view then save the scenario and exit. Reloading from that save point seemed to stop it from dumping.