1C33 11:32 London Paddington – Bristol Temple Meads (1997)

1C33 11:32 London Paddington – Bristol Temple Meads (1997)

1st December 2021 1 By Mattg17

A scenario for Just Trains’ South Western Expressways to Reading.

In the Winter 1996-1997 timetable, a total of four main engineering periods were booked for all weekends. The second of which, from 18 January to 23 February resulted in portions of the Great Western and South Wales Mainlines being closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Great Western Intercity services bound for South Wales and Bristol found themselves diverted via Newbury and Bath Spa. With that being said, you find yourself at Reading having just arrived from London with a Bristol bound HST.

Requirements (Some are optional, please consult the readme for more information):

Classic European Assets
NSE Class 159
Fastline Simulation YQA Parr Wagons (Steam Marketplace)
Virgin Trains First Gen Pack

Alan Thomson Sim
GST Ballast Tamper Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 (Valenta) EP
Class 43 (VP185) EP
Class 150/2 Pack
Class 158/159 (Cummins) EP
Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1

Just Trains
South Western Expressways – Reading

Backdated Trainsim
RES Class 47/7 Pack

Major Wales Design
Class 43 Revamp Pack

Royal Main TPO’s