1B34 1012 Nottingham to St Pancras International

1B34 1012 Nottingham to St Pancras International

14th June 2024 1 By JemLotelia

This scenario you’re driving a 10 car 222 from Bedford to St Pancras, with the service having originated at Nottingham. The weather is grotty and grim, but is forecasted clear up as you get closer to St Pancras.

AP Midland Mainline EP + requirements
AP Signal EP
AP Weather EP (required for weather to show correctly)
AP Class 700 + DTG 700 + Semaphore Sim Patch
AP Class 66 + requirements
AP HIA Wagons

DTG London Ipswich (For class 360
ATS Clowes EMR 360
ATS Series 2 Overhead Line Patch for Bedford Station – Addition to AP MML

JustTrains Class 222 + EMR Semaphore Skin + LP Simulations Voyager/Meridian overhaul (on Semaphore Sim)

DTG Chatham Mainline for Class 395

MJW Class 66 Frieghliner Nameplate Pack
AH Simulations HYA-B Pack on ATS

Place content folder into your Railworks directory

Thanks to CrankyBot for the weather implementation and by extension the TSC discord for helping with questions I had