1B33 19:26 Bristol Parkway – Swansea Mail

1B33 19:26 Bristol Parkway – Swansea Mail

24th August 2020 9 By Barry Price

Route-The South Wales Coastal – Bristol to Swansea
Track coverd- Cardiff – Swansea
Traction-Class 37
Duration- Around 70 Mins
Difficulty Easy
Weather Overcast
operated by Rail Express Systems
Date 04/09/2003
Year 2003

It’s summer and overcast 37248 has been put in place for a Failed RES class 47 your job today is to take it from Cardiff to Swansea. There is about a 5 min wait at Cradiff as a HST pass you and you will follow him all the way to swansea so lot of advisories signals.Please see F1 for more info.

Class 142 + MJW Valley Lines
Class 150 Pack
Class 156
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
Class 43 vel + Mk3 EP
MGR Wagon Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

Class 159 Pack 01
Class 66 pack 2 + LED Lights (ATS) + APEP

Class 143 Pack02 + MJW 143 Revamp
Class 56 + APEP

Class 153 RR
Class 60

Newbouy TPO

As always i hope you enjoy and please leave any feedback good or bad have fun take care for now And thanks for downloading And if i have missed anything i’m sorry lol.