1A72 16:25 Bedford – Moorgate (2008)

1A72 16:25 Bedford – Moorgate (2008)

8th January 2022 2 By oliver_nicholls

Take one of the two pairs of hired-in class 317s on the Thameslink First Capital Connect routes from the Great Northern from Bedford to Moorgate on the second part of their diagram in July 2008.


Steam Workshop

– South London and Thameslink^


– European Loco & Asset Pack (for HST) *

Armstrong Powerhouse

– Class 317 EMU Volume 1
– Class 319 EMU Volume 2
– Class 43 (VP185)/ MK3 Enhancement Pack*

Just Trains

– Class 222*

*- denotes non-essential

^- denotes that this piece of DLC has its own requirements. It is essential that you have these requirements for the AI to show correctly in the scenario.

To install, copy the ‘Content’ folder into your main Railworks folder.