1A09 Leeds to London Kings Cross

1A09 Leeds to London Kings Cross

16th October 2022 3 By 125intercity

In this scenario you shall be driving the LNER 1A09 service between Leeds Doncaster calling at Wakefield Westgate all workings are based from RTT, any issues or feedback on the scenario please use the comments down below Enjoy

From AP
AP class 800 pack
AP 321 Pack
AP 158 Pack
AP 91 pack

From DTG
DTG class 800
DTG class 91
DTG class 159

From ATS
ATS Leeds Lines and all its dependencies
LNER/VTEC 225 Pack
Clowes 322 unbranded (substitute for the 331)
Class 158 Northern Variants
Mk3 Sliding doors pack and all its dependencies