[185] 1E84 10:22 Liverpool Lime Street – Scarborough (2014)

[185] 1E84 10:22 Liverpool Lime Street – Scarborough (2014)

23rd April 2022 1 By Bradleigh Ennis


Its the day after the kids finished their academic year, and what better way to celebrate than a weekend trip to the seaside?
Unfortunately for you; your working on this warm summer Saturday morning but never the less, you take charge of this 6 car Class 185 service. You start the scenario at Manchester Oxford Road, and take the train to Huddersfield with calls at Piccadilly and Stalybridge along the way. No problems have yet to be reported, but theres still time……….

PIS Announcements have been enabled for this scenario should you choose to use them.

Duration: 45 minutes

PenniePacer Manchester Stations – Huddersfield
ATS Class 185
AP/Waggonz Class 142
WCML South & AP Class 390 Soundpack & MW Class 390 revamp pack*
DTG Bristol – Swansea & AP Class 175 Enhancement pack*
DTG Portsmouth – London & AP Class 350 Enhancement pack*

*-Not essental however recommended for the full game play.

To install, simply drop the Content folder into your Railworks folder (Usually found Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common).

Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment any questions or issues.