14:50 1D03 York – Middlesbrough (Return)

14:50 1D03 York – Middlesbrough (Return)

1st June 2023 2 By Rob

Today you will be driving this Transpennie Express service from York to Middlesbrough via Darlington. Your traction for today is a 6 car 185 DMU. Along your travels today, you will encounter some adverse signals so keep a keen watch and stay vigilant as when you arrive at Middlesbrough you will be tasked with driving a return service back down to York via Yarm.

Scenario Requirements:
Class158EP AP
Class 43 Val AP
Class 68 AP
Class 800 AP
Class 91 AP
Class 142 AP
ATS 185
Signal EP
Track EP
DTG class 180
DTG class 68
DTG class 801
DTG class 91
MJW class 180 reskins
Class 66 pack 03
Class 66 pack 05
VTEC class 91 reskin.

Important information!!!:
Axion Code… York – Middlesbrough (9328) Middlesbrough – York (9104)
Headcodes {Fictional}… York – Middlesbrough (1D03) Middlesbrough – York (1L23)

This route is roughly going to take around 120 minutes.