0923 Balloch to Airdrie

0923 Balloch to Airdrie

22nd February 2023 2 By Ross

****** This scenario will have 2 downloads one for AP weather pack V1 and one for the new AP Weather Pack V2 be sure to install the correct one******

Drive a 3 car class 303 service from Balloch to Airdrie. You will call at all stations as far as Bellgrove where you will then run non stop to Airdrie. AI has been taking from a 2004 timetable archive to make it as realistic as possible. This is my first scenario in a long time so please dont expect perfection 😀

The class 303 destinations sadly do not show all destinations served so unfortunatly i was unable to have the eastern end terminus added to all services.

** Special thanks to Welshyjim for helping me with the AP weather pack to impliment the weather fully **

Requirements are:

Glasgow suburban route Northwest + Extension to airdrie which is available on steam:

Class 303 EMU available on steam:

Armstrong powerhouse class 321 emu pack

Class 303 soundpack from Armstrong powerhouse:
No longer available however may work without as the pack was a soundpack

AP sky and weather enhancemenet pack:

I hope you enjoy this scenario please feel free to leave feedback good or bad as it wil help and encourage me to do more hopefully 🙂

many thanks