Alan Thomson Sim Installer updated to V1.5.1

28th May 2019 Off By MaxTracks

V1.5.1 (latest) (28/5/2019)

  • Fix to prevent users being timed out on repeated login attempts

V1.5 (29/04/19)

  • Stability and compatibility improvements
  • New packaging method (tool no longer needs extracting from zip! Just place it somewhere and go)
  • Downloading files
    — Once you have added a file to your basket and checkout on the ATS site, you can now download and install it through the ATS installer for a one click install!
  • Added saving password for those who want it
  • No I don’t know what happened to V1.3 and V1.4. Shh.

V1.2 (12/02/19)

  • Improved reliablity of logins
  • Changed priorities of auto railworks install finder
  • Made install box always appear on login screen (so if autodetect gets the wrong one you can change it)
  • Program now remembers username and railworks directory
  • Added more info to failed login screen
  • Fixed background changer for people it wasn’t working for (hopefully!)
  • Improved path searcher so it will work out where to install stuff to in some weird cases

Download the tool here