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    David Bird


    I’m quite new to TS2021 and need some help please.

    I’m looking to fill in the missing gap on the West Coast Main Line. I have all the available DLCs off Steam:
    WCML North
    WCML South
    WCML Trent Valley
    WCML Over Shap

    I see there is DLC on this site called “The Missing Link” but I’m not sure which ones I need.
    My preference is to route London Euston – Birmingham – Crewe – Carlisle – Glasgow but would also like the section that goes via Stafford.

    Please can anyone advise me what DLCs I need.

    Many thanks,


    shaggy arnold

    Hi! The route you are currently looking for is the West coast mainline Midlands and Northwest, that’s the missing link route. It goes from Birimingham/Stafford to Liverpool, Crewe and Preston

    This is the route, you can find all the requirements and details there

    David Bird

    Great stuff !!

    Many thanks for the quick reply


    Sean Holland

    Sorry, to confirm, Trent Valley is required? With them italicized on the page, I wasn’t sure on where it currently stands right now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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