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    Derek Knowles

    Wbsite pops up a 503 error code

    Downloaded last night spent an hour to get this to work…Wordfence needs looking at, how long does one have to wait…to get back online and access the website

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    What is Wordfence?
    If you have been blocked or locked out from a site that is not your own.

    What is Wordfence?
    Wordfence is a security plugin for web sites that use WordPress. It provides various features and configuration options for site owners to protect their sites from intrusion.

    If you have been blocked or locked out from a site that is not your own
    Please contact the site owner to regain access. If you believe you should not be blocked, it is possible that the owner has chosen settings that are too strict, or they may have a server configuration issue that causes unintended blocking.

    Note that some site owners choose to block countries where they do not conduct business or VPN services where different visitors appear to visit from the same IP address.

    If the site owner hasn’t provided instructions on the block page with details on how to contact them, then here are some tips below to try to contact the site owner.

    Hopefully this will be resolved…seeing as i am a subscriber.




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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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