TSW3 Route DLC Suggestion – Elizabeth Line

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    I would like to suggest the complete Elizabeth Line route:
    Reading to Paddington / Shenfield / Abbey Wood

    As the Reading to Paddington portion is already available on the Great Western Express route, this would just need a modification to incorporate the CrossRail portals to and from the central zone then it’s just a matter of tunnelling work to the portal at Custom House then on towards Abbey Wood with a few tunnels in between. The other branch from Whitechaple Junction to Stratford and beyond to Shenfield would require a great deal more work.

    The introduction of the Class 345 stock initially utilised between Reading and Paddington might be a way to start.
    Class 332’s Paddington to Heathrow AI’s would be a nice touch to.


    I feel like that’s a bit much to ask of, unless you’re willing to go up to £34.99+, so to me it seems better to have a “Great Western Express Extended” type thing, so you can extend to Heathrow, and all the little branches, and improving the original
    Asking for the whole of crossrail is simply gonna end in an insane price


    Thanks for your response and views, it always helps to see things objectively from another perspective.

    You are more than likely correct, it may cost a considerable amount to have the whole line done all at once, but one can also argue that adding “Extended versions” of the route at £15.99 a pop could make the overall cost exceed the £60 mark, say for example:-

    Great Western Express Extended – Heathrow Branch
    Class 332 & Class 345 stock

    Elizabeth Line Add-On Part 1 – Paddington to Abbey Wood
    (Merge with Great Western Express Extended)
    Allowing through running of services from Reading to Abbey Wood

    Elizabeth Line Add-On Part 2 – Whitechapel Junction to Ilford including Ilford Carr Sheds
    (Merge with Elizabeth Line Add-On Part 1)

    Great Eastern Main Line – Liverpool Street to Colchester
    (Merge with Elizabeth Line Add-On Part 2)

    Class 321, Class 322, Class 360, Class 745, Class 755.

    Obviously this all pie in the sky at the moment, but who knows…


    Honestly, that’s a fair idea for it to be in pieces
    But the problem is lag, due to the map there being insane for the whole route: but I believe a shortened crossrail route could well work, perhaps reading – abbey wood..?
    A 332 seems unlikely, and I believe it’s easier on dovetail to just modify the London commuter 387 to make it a 387..?
    For now though I still would rather just have branch lines for Great Western Express so the original route becomes less linear, because as of now: it’s really boring. It would be nice just for a Greenford, Heathrow, Henley, Windsor & Marlow branch.
    A total of 23~ miles, make it £29.99, like all TSW3 routes, and you have a total of 58~ miles!
    The variety would be nice, West Ealing-Greenford shuttles, the rare service on that branch to greenford, a fast heathrow express into Terminal 5, or perhaps a stopping 360 into terminal 4 (not a 345 as that is alot harder to model/do in my opinion), maybe just a shuttle from slough-windsor, maybe a stopper into henley, or perhaps a marlow-bourne end shuttle, or maybe just the full run, on a cookham non-stopper! The variety would be insane, and if you owned GWE this would be free. So much variety for a route of only 50-65 miles!

    charlie joshua

    would love to see Elizabeth line in TSW3

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