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    Hi again. I hope that my suggestions are not becoming tiresome. Today I would like to suggest the following route for consideration…

    London Waterloo suburban. This route would start at London Waterloo running via Clapham Junction (and a possible divergence for the Hounslow loop via the Reading line) and Wimbledon to Raynes Park. From here we could have the lines diverging towards Epsom and Chessington South. Beyond Raynes Park is New Malden where the Kingston loop (with Shepperton branch) diverges. Continuing down the mainline just past Surbiton is Hampton Court Junction and the branch to Hampton Court and the Guildford New Line to Guildford. Potentially this may prove too much for one route and instead require two.
    As for rolling stock, this is era specific with Mk1 based slam door EMUs of various classes, Class 455/456 EMUs and more recently Class 450/458 EMUs. Class 66 locomotives are used on stone trains from Tolworth with older types preceding them. Finally, during the early to mid 1970s this was a stomping ground for Class 445 and 446 (4PEP/2PEP) prototype units which would be fascinating to see.

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