TSW3 Route DLC Suggestion

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    I would like to suggest the North Downs Line as a route for new dlc. The line starts at Reading going via Guildford and Redhill before changing ends to reach Gatwick Airport. It is approximately 41 miles in distance with 25 stations and passes stunning scenery like Boxhill (near Dorking Deepdene). Over the years it has seen several types of traction including Class 206 ‘Tadpole’ DEMUs, Class 119 and 101 DMUs, Class 165/166 ‘Turbos’ and soon Class 769 ‘Flex Tri Mode’ MUs (formerly Class 319 Thameslink). There has been no freight on the route since 2007 but the line was used between 1988-2004 by the Dover to Manchester Piccadilly Travelling Post Office service. There is also the possibility of including the line from Redhill to Tonbridge as many services used to terminate there.


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