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    Tim Froome

    I have just purchased Train Sim World 2. Mainly as I am a Underground simulator addict. I love all simulator that have been released. But as a up to date game I am very disappointed in the Bakerloo line. The first thing is sounds!! Does not even sound like a tube if tube trains were that quiet and just gave wheel sounds it be amazing. I have BVE Tube and the sounds are terrific compared to this and that game is very old. There are other faults with sound such as whistle and announcement.
    Some of the finishing touches have not been done jagged platforms over lapping trains.very disappointed. Will they bring a patch who knows. And last of all I do not always play my simulators on line. Guess what I have found for some reason you have to be online to play it. But the first TSW plays fine off line.
    Well i have had my runt does any one else find this.

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