TS20 Aliasing Issue

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    I apologise this is a lot to read;
    Spent quite a lot of time trying to resolve this and I’m stumped. My current TS settings are maxed, with FXAA + 3 x 2 SSAA and 8 x Anisotropic texture filtering. I run the game on a 1920 x 1080 monitor with the resolution set as such.
    The issue is that the game looks awful, I could provide screenshots to show what I mean. When looking through the cab windscreen/windows, the track and other assets suffer from terrible aliasing and look absolutely awful.
    I’ve played with a number of settings in the Nvidia control panel, including forcing an override of the in game settings but with not much improvement. Graphics drivers are up to date, I’ve done multiple clean driver installs to try and mitigate this. I’ve run the game on a GTX 660, GTX 1050 and now on a GTX 1060. I am looking to upgrade but if I’m still going to have this issue on a high end card, albeit better frame rates, it doesn’t seem worth it.
    Does anyone have any idea or had this kind of issue? I can provide screenshots of what I mean if required. Is it just a core game issue or a hardware issue on my end?


    Hi LSW ,Can i suggest the settings that i have (might be worth giving it a try )
    Res 1920 x 1080
    FXAA + 3X2SSAA
    Anistropic 4
    only differece is the anistropic
    I also subscribe to RW Central tools for the weather variations and graphics,
    i find this helps .

    David Rogers


    His problem is poor anisotropic filtering (I have the same issue as the OP, with the same monitor resolution and I too run TS2020 “maxed”, yet suffer dreadful shimmering), and you have suggested he *lower* his AF settings?!?

    That is going to make the problem worse.

    The promlem is simple – TS only allows a maximum AF setting of 8x, whereas most games since around 2004 have allowed 16x.

    That and – for me, anyway – Nvidia Inspector / Nvidia Control Panel is unable to “override” the AA/AF settings in game, since TS2018 (this was possible in TS2017 and earlier).

    Very frustrating.

    Tim Cook

    Try downloading Paul Harrison’s replacement FXAA shaders from UKTrainsim File ID: 34510.

    For me this made a world of difference.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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