Train sim 2020 64 bit freezing.

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    Gary Kennedy

    Hi all.
    I downloaded the ECML merge which is fantastic and thanks for this site and content. The ATS installer is brilliant!
    The problem I have is when using train sim 64 bit it crashes in the exact same place of the same scenario. I’ve checked I have everything installed for 64 bit and tried lowering the graphics settings but doesn’t change.

    For example it happens on the Southampton to Bournemouth route on the 15 min scenario to Lymington which is tiny! 32bit fine with 60fps max graphics, 64bit same FPS but just crashes as soon as you move off from brockenhurst and pass a train in the other direction. I have a lot of 3rd party routes and loco’s installed also.
    You guys obviously use 64 bit so has anyone had the same issue and how did you resolve it? Got a ticket in with DTG but don’t hold much hope…
    Thanks , Gary

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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