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    First of all the old saying of “i should of looked before i leapt” is very true with this site, so lets start from the beginning.
    A friend of mine told me about this site that it is pretty good regarding train sim addons, and by what ive seen its true and i also follow alan on youtube.
    I recently purchased the latest just trains midlands main line addon “hope valley extension” to the massive route that it already is and noticed only 1 addon outstanding to my collection and that is the Alan Thomson Simulation and Imbue Studios – Class 185 Multiple Unit Pack, and decided against deleting it in ts tools and thought “what the hell” and purchased a suscription of £32.99 and get the train at £20 odd pounds instead of £26.
    My mind was saying “the guy deserves it” with all the content ive seen him create.
    BUT! this site is a bloody mess to navigate after purchasing and downloading the train when it comes to installing this impossible to install class 185.
    First of all it wont let me log in to install the damn thing in the install wrapper it comes with by saying my user name and password is incrorrect, went back to forums to look up other peoples same troubles and seen the old problem of disabling anti virus blah blah blah… i did, still wont let me install after numerous attempts, even tried on another system and a laptop. Spoke to the same friend (who told me about this site) and he said ” you may need the updated installer that “YOU SHOULD OF GOT WHEN SIGNED UP” WHERE? its not in my downloads account, only the items which i purchased, I should of had them apparently but cannot find this updated installer anywhere in this website, just news about it, Sent a ticket to my original problem, to which the reply is
    ” Hello,
    I am sorry to hear this. This is likely caused by your anti-virus or firewall preventing the installer from reaching the download server. Please can you disable your anti-virus or firewall and try again. Please also disable any kind of download manager.
    If you have completed these steps then please can you send me the log file. This is a small text file which is created in the directory from which the installer is run. Many thanks”
    I tried installing again (13th i do believe!) and then tried to send the log file to which prooved the next problem
    HOW DO I REPLY TO THIS TICKET!! apparently you cant, even tho the status is “awaiting user reply”
    You seriously telling me i have to open another ticket to reply to the AWAITING REPLY from the first ticket?
    So what im going to do? Get my money back? NO, il grab the loco off my mate who may give me the latest installer TO INSTALL THE DAMN THING! and give me the loco just in case the latest installer doesnt work either!
    Seriously alan, get out of that damn chair and use my hard earned working money ive just subscribed to you with to UPDATE THIS ANCIENT WEB SITE, ITS A MESS!


    Mike (who wont buy anything else till this site gets updated)


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    Can agree, the navigation to find downloads and past orders is a hell of mess. And in fact you can´t find old orders from the freeware section that was some time ago visible. And the installer for the addons especially the subware is a totally shit programm, as you told – often is a login not possible – and on the site iteself it happens often taht you are suddenly not logged in anymore. And a download of a new version from the installer is not possible because not to find in the account. The Guy from the site should be change this whole procedure – he should throw out this shit installer and should do it as any other seller – with serials or an other working online-check as Just Trains. And the subware – should be handled as any other addon as normal addon to buy, if neccessary any followed phase x update as seperate addon to pay.

    And by the way: in this forum are many shitty spam people as those above me. If we see, nobady cares about the forum and the site. If so, those spam people would be deleted and banned!

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