SWML to basingstoke?

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    Hugo Wilson

    Does anyone here know if anyone is planning on or actually in the process of extending the SWMl to basingstoke or further? It’s something i’d love to see in the game and i’m sure many others would too.
    I’m contemplating learning how to build a route and do it myself if no one else is doing it, however that would take many centuries as i’m very new to it!


    London Waterloo to Basingstoke is in progress, it is also being extended down to Weymouth and will include the PDL, West of England line to Salisbury and Romsey to Salisbury line.

    This can be found on the FB group, I’m not sure if the dev’s have a FB page themselves but I’m sure someone else might know.


    Do you know what the FB group is called?


    Alan Thomson Simulation is the group, you will need to ask for permission to join

    Ron Mayell

    Good news, this is a area long overdue for both route and scenarios, with ports of Southampton Portsmouth Poole Weymouth not to mention the military port at Marchwood and Fawley Refinery, dare I say Salisbury Cathedral.
    I downloaded South West England route that covers all this, but it was littered with problems, floating trees overgrown tracks, it took me years to get it working its still has its tantrums so I for one will look forward to proper job, just hope I live long enough to see (play) it

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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