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    Jonas Keßmeier

    I swapped around the standard 325 in one of the Missing Link Scenarios.
    In the one with a class 90 at the front to be exact.
    After switching both services to the APEP Class 325 and changing the numbers and the name of the scenario the size of the scenario keeps increasing. It does not load in the 64 bit Simulator anymore and gets me a out of memory message. Weirdly changing anything slightly like adding an TL=1 at the end of the consist for the taillight and or removing that adds half a mb to the scenario so adding the TL=1 and removing it adds 1 mb without changing anything. Whats going on here? What am i doing wrong? I also changed the name of the other scenario with the class 90 because i wanted to try again and it gained 1mb just from slightly changing the scenarios name.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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