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    Clive Rose


    Just a heads up, DTG seem to have an issue with the above DLC’s at the moment, lots of folks reporting signals, aws ramps etc all missing in the Brighton Route. I have this and have also lost the same in WCML North and Over Shap. reinstalled said Dlc’s no change, Then did a complete re install of everything Grrrrrrr. only to find it’s still the same, and now noticed the reports fromothers on steam.

    mike langford

    Well, early this morning DTG posted some good news on their forum.

    UPDATE: Tuesday, 26th May, 8:20 am (BST): We have traced the source of the problem with the above two products and are in the process of issuing an update to correct. We expect an update to roll out as soon as humanly possible and will update this thread with the details once we have some further news.

    UPDATE: Tuesday, 26th May, 11:50 am (BST): We have a fix going through some testing now and, pending the result of that testing, we’re hopeful to have an update out today/tomorrow. We will of course keep you updated as we have further news.

    Best, Steve

    Gerard GIRARDIN


    Je constate le même problème avec la Class 377 FCC de RSC addon qui ne s’affiche pas dans l’éditeur de scénarios et introuvable en QD mais bien présent dans les Assets/RSC .Etes vous au courant de se problème ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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