Shonky Route Installers

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    Any idea how i get around this failure to login rubbish.

    When trying to install West Coast Mainline Midlands and Northwest (aka – ‘Missing Link’) and The East Coast Mainline – London Kings Cross to Leeds and York Merge.

    Installers keep telling me no valid subscription or password.

    Yet i am logged into this forum and the main site, with the same details.

    Also disabled anti virus and changed my password.

    Subscription runs from 17th Dec 2021 – 17th Dec 2022

    This damn ATS is more trouble than it is worth.



    Complete waste of time contacting them for help.

    I had two emails from them, telling me absolutely nothing on how to fix the problem.

    We have your money sucker, now you can f**k off.

    Shame on you thomson, you are the type of person that gives this hobby a bad name.


    Try this: Open your folder where your installers are stored (dont click on the installers just yet) leave the folder open on your desktop, then log into your account on this website (do NOT logout, stay logged in & DO NOT CLOSE your browser) then go into your open folder & select the installer by right clicking on the installer & select "run as administrator", a box should appear & youll need to reinsert your username & password into the box, it`s a bizarre way of doing things, but hopefully this will solve your problem.

    Good Luck, I hope this helps.


    Sorry to hear that you feel the level of support has been substandard. Looking at the ticket history it appears that the installers were unable to verify your eligibility to install certain products because you had cancelled your subscription with us. We reactivated the subscription for you on 13/01 and informed you of this. If there’s anything else we can help with then I look forward to your reply on the open support ticket.
    Many thanks


    I did not cancel my subscription at all. I cancelled the automatic renewal.

    Now i have the same problem with the installer i just downloaded for the WCML missing link installer.

    Invalid login, no subscription, blah blah blah.

    This really is beyond a joke now.


    You`re absolutely right IsambardKingdomBrunel.
    I`ve just wasted £14.99 on his crap moss route, and it will NOT install
    no matter what I try.
    I shall be contacting PayPal for a refund from this ripoff merchant
    and ats knows where he can shove his crap installers.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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