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    Hi guys I been here that you got some merge programme that lets you join routes that not got the same route points like I to merge North London line to Great Eastern Mainline and South Wales Mainline/Coastal to Western Mainlines or BHBP route I like to have my hands one it


    This also Interests me too. Its a pity that this forum is not so active (Which I find very strange)


    Same here, i would like to merge my own, Swansea – Milford Haven\Neyland route. To the existing Swansea – Shrewsbury – Bristol merge.

    But am clueless on how to do it. I would pay for a tool that did the job easily.

    Derek Knowles

    Overtime been looking at various comments, as always been the case a lot know how to do the merge of routes ,and think mostly in their heads …well i know something on how it’s done, i’ll keep it to myself, which i think is rather selfish…the only way i know how to do it is by using a tool that still works In TS 2022

    An Italian Guy did this in 2017 originally posted for TS2014…but still works as of today…

    all you gotta do is use Google translate to translate the page to English, or your prefered Language.

    Hope this helps you guys…



    Very true. And very selfish people. Thats why I pretty much disengaged from the Train Sim “community” ages ago. I had pretty much had enouogh of their gaslighting, lies and false rumours. Whats even more amusing, in fact irratating, is the fact that I dont know them, and they dont know me either.


    That looks good Derek, but still above my pay grade. If it doesn’t involve a big spanner and even bigger hammer, i am lost. 🙂

    Thanks for posting.



    I know this tool. And have it.

    The other guys was talking about jointing ones, that a have adifferent origin point.


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    i wanna merge the ECML and MML and Brighton Mainline

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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