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    Liam Hendry

    Hi everyone,

    It’s been a while since I was on the TS scene, and it’s been extremely pleasing to see how the classic version has grown over the past few years with the quality of freeware offerings.

    Most notably the exceptional routes on here, and the tool that was developed to enable default location coordinates to be streamlined to allow mergers of routes of different origins – an absolute game changer!

    A few years ago as an aside project during school, I worked on a modern version for WCML North which some may remember. Essentially, I was looking to maximise the quality of the route to match the real life equivilant with as much detail as possible – a la what has since become of Network ScotEast and other amazing upgrades. While an outstanding route for its time, the Kuju assets and general inaccuracies left a lot to be desired with the WCML North, and there aren’t many true upgrades beyond route mergers that have been released to fix this.

    I never fully completed the route itself, but as some may recall from photos I shared, I managed to accuratley replicate a lot of stations.

    Given I was in my mid teens when I started the project, I was caught up in the fine coding details of transferring track textures and developing custom models and other ideas at once without a real plan of action – to such an extent that the route itself is in a very mish-mash state. However, the station reconstructions themselves still remain (which in hindsight, as my main focus, I ought to have focussed on in isolation as a single patch).

    Given that TS routes are now able to be merged and content creators can work individually then integrate their patches, I would love to get these station assets grouped into their own folders and published for released as a scenery upgrade. The only issue is that since the assets used to create the stations are numerous in number, and invidiual objects, I would have no option but to recreate them from scratch in order to separate them from the main route body to enable incorporation into other WCML North route merges and upgrades.

    Does such a tool exist that has been developed by anybody within the TS community that enables individual objects in Route Builder to be grouped as one single object? I know in Route Builder you can select multiple objects at once for the purpose of a single movement, but to my knowledge such a thing does not exist for the files of these objects themselves to group individual objects for export as one single entity.

    If I was able to think of a way around this, I would have a sizable portfolio of stations to release that have yet to be touched in detail.

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