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    Just checking… Before I buy the OHLE pack which is needed for a number of ATS (and other) DLC which I am about to purchase or download, is the OHLE pack only available as a standalone purchase or is it also included as part of any route or DLC without needing to buy it separately?

    I don’t want to pay for it if it then turns up for free in a route I buy soon afterwards – like a Dovetail “European Assets Pack” situation where they say you need to buy it then it appears in a ton of later DLC for free.

    Also, if a route “requires” the OHLE pack, would the route fail to run without the OHLE pack installed or would the route still run? Note that this is not my intension, I’m just curious.

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    Tim Cook

    As far as I know it’s only available as a standalone package.



    i was just wondering with the OHLE pack growing and the rest of series 1 still to be added would we be seeing the rest of series 1 in the next ohle pack update because its a really great set of assets to use and they are being used as well on other electric railways.

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    To answer one of my own quesions in my opening post where I asked if routes that require the OHLE pack will work without it…

    This week I installed Chat Moss. The installer would not let me download and install the route until I’d bought and installed the OHLE pack. So, now that I’ve installed the pack, the rest of my post is null and void!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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