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    Windows CP

    Currently in the Planning stage is a Refreshed North Wales Coastal *YOU NEED THE OLD ONE FOR THIS TO WORK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT BUY A COPY OF TS18 ON AMAZON OR SOMETHING*

    Currently in works:
    Electrification (Yes, I know, wales sucks with electrification)
    New Scenarios


    The Holyhead Extension.
    If you do not already have it, it is almost impossible to get without pirating, which here in the UK, is super illegal. We will not condone that. Instead, I intend to Release 2 Versions. The one with the Holyhead Extensions, so people with it can use it. And a Standard One


    I think the better thing to do, honestly, is continue to leave comments with the Support team and keep reminding them that, hey, we kinda need this back. I will be honest, I suspect they’re going to do the path to Crewe from Stafford, possibly the same track that is The Missing Link all the way from Birmingham (my reasoning is related to WCMLS after seeing the popular freeware version here, then Cross City which supercedes the DPS version which is a fraction of the size, and they will continue the journey in my opinion). This could even be the bonus Deluxe 2022 route. We’ll have to see. Whether it is or not, I strongly believe they will make the path to Crewe by itself (likely stopping there), then they will follow a path from Shrewsbury either to Crewe or Chester, or maybe both. They can then include the track and assets (unbranded of course, maybe add Avanti trains instead) from the old NWC and make it a new route, and heypresto. Provided the track is unchanged, scenarios can still work on the new route and the Conwy Valley Line might even work with it. That’s my guess. IF the Chester-Shrewsbury is added, services to Holyhead through Wales are possible all the way to Holyhead on a merged route that Danny would likely create. If Crewe-Shrewsbury is made, the full Welsh Marches will be finally completed. We’ll have to see, but I still say write Support and tell them you want NWC back. Refreshing the new version is then a good idea.

    That said, if you want to try to recreate the track and signals from HOlyhead, you CAN do that. Obviously don’t pirate the route that DTG made, but create your own. That way everyone can use it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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