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    Matthew Evans

    Hi All,
    My laptop I was using to run Train Simulator has finally given up the ghost and am now looking for a gaming Desktop to replace it.
    Im spending time looking at websites but a lot of the information given goes right over my head when it comes to PC Specs.
    I don’t have the time available to build one myself so can anyone recommend any pre built set ups available that are suitable for 64Bit Train sim + DLC as well as some other games such as Euro Truck and Cities Skylines? Budget is pretty loose but looking no more than around £1,200.

    Thanks in advance.

    Gareth Davies

    Hi Buddy,

    Gpr 1,200 you can get a really good PC which would run everything without issue. I think max you will need to spend 900.

    Here is my setup and it runs everything I throw at High. 4K video editing, Website development, Number crunching, Cities Skylines, TS20 TSW20.

    Remember no matter how good of hardware you have TS will not run perfect. It’s the game engines as it’s pretty old at this point.

    My Setup

    Ryzen 3600
    16GB DDR4 Corsair
    1TB SSD ( TS and TSW drive + C drive )
    2TB HDD.
    GTX 970
    Some crappy B450 motherboard.

    Really in the grand scheme of things Ryzen is better value for money.

    Tony Wise

    Try Novatech (near Portsmouth) Build quality is v good.


    I agree, if you have to choose only Ryzen.

    Daffur Link

    I don’t really agree that Ryzen is better, as far as I’m concerned it’s unreliable.

    Nick Chernick

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    I have Ryzen and I also think that this is the best price-quality ratio! Although there are more expensive AP manufacturers, there are already much more budgets! It’s like plastic surgery nose job, you can go to an expensive surgeon, or you can go to a less famous one!


    I remember when my laptop was out of use and I had a lot of classes to take. Luckily, there was who helped me to cope with this issue.


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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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