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    All right, going to ask the question. Missing Link, from what I can tell, was last updated on December 19, 2020. It has not been upgraded for a year. What is the status of this? I have been holding out on subbing mainly because I want that to be in a nearer phase of completion. I recognize the end goal is connecting Rugby to the WCML, which is now complete from Preston through Birmingham, and that the phases follow the logical process (connecting Stoke-on-Trent, then adding Rugeley Trent Valley-Manchester Piccadilly, and eventually the connection from Rugby to remove WCML Trent Valley and the Thomson restrictions entirely), but I also have concerns that subbing now will not guarantee me the final version of the route. At a minimum, the end of Phase 5 would be a nice finishing stage even without the Trent Valley route.

    So while I am not subbing at least through the remainder of the year, I would still like a status update on this to tell me whether this will be nearing completion in the coming year or whether it will be longer than that. It seems like the project might not be proceeding as it was, and I’m presuming COVID restrictions are related to the slowdown, but I would hope the final version of the route will be available to anyone who is either a current or previous subscriber. If this would be the case, I’d be more likely to sub in the near future.

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