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    John Watt

    I am trying to intall the LNER reskin for Class 91, I have the DTG Class 91Pack02, at least it says so when I look it up in assets, I also have AP Class 91 Mk 4 enhancement pack.
    I can’t find an asets folder within the zip the first folder in the archive is a windows batch file also it has assets in the title, is this the assets folder the installation instructions talk about.
    I tried this and it seems to work,I found the Install batch file in asset and applied it, but no joy, when I open the folders It appears all the liveries are there in assets folders, but they don’t appear in the scenario editor, any ideas what I’m doing wrong.
    I watched alan’s video about installing reskins but there is nothing like this in this pack.
    Any ideas, I have a reasonable knowledge of how windows works and Train sim too, but this has got me stumped.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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