JT Western Main Lines – Electrification

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    After doing away with the Already Electrifed JTWML on this website, I decided to Make my own.

    An alpha version is already submitted and will be releasing shortly,

    The Electrification goes to BTM (Bristol Temple Meads). The next Update will be the Electrifcorndiff Stage 1 Update (a Portmanto of Electrification, Cornwall and Cardiff)

    It will have the Electrification to Cornwall (Stage 1 to Plymouth) and Electrification to Cardiff

    The Electrifcorndiff Update progress is going well. Hopefully, it will be ready soon.

    After that, the next will be Electrifoxwall (A Combination of Electrification, oxford and Cornwall)
    This will have Stage 2 of the Cornwall Electrification to Dawlish and the Oxford and Bicester Electrification

    After that, the following update will be the Beta Release, which will cover Stage 3 of Cornwall Electrification to Truro

    Then, the 1.0 Full Release will be the OHLE update:
    Electrification to Penzance

    OHLE whereever the KHS OHLE will go

    I hope to have Release by 6th of June

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