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    I keep getting the above message come up on the .EXE files for Chat Moss and the OHLE pack, but strangely not the Class 185 Pack which I purchased at the same time.

    No matter what I do, the installers will go no further. I’ve submitted a request for help from ATS, but so far the only solution (Disable Firewall) hasn’t worked one bit.

    It’s rather disappointing as I paid £62 for these products, and £37 of which I am unable to use and have been unable to use since Saturday. I understand that the ATS support team are busy, but with no further reply today I am left once again another day without being able to use the products I paid for – surely it would be a priority to find a solution if a Customer is unable to access products which they have paid for?

    I would appreciate it if anybody had any additional advice, as so far the advice of disabling the firewall has proven to be ineffective.

    Thanks in advance.

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