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    Hello All! it has come to my attention that the crouch Valley 3 hasn’t had an update in years, I’d love to merge crouch valley and the steam workshop “Great Eastern Main Line” by traction depot. that being said I am completely clueless on merging routes. Has anyone got any tips?

    Many Thanks


    Hi Toby,

    The king of route merges is known as Danny on Steam Workshop, I’m sure someone here will know how to reach out to him. There may also be You Tube videos on the subject.

    As for Crouch Valley, I can’t play it because I know the GEML too well. The Shenfield to Liverpool Street is wrong in so many ways, gradients all over the place, buildings randomly placed and very repetitive. However the Southend Vic end is really good so if it is at all possible to update the branch and add it to the DTG route I’d be delighted as would many more.

    One other thing, one of the route builders and I wish I could remember who has a GEML extension next on the list, the Clacton and Walton one. If the Gainsborough line got added too we’d have a complete Great Eastern area freeware upgrade. It might be worth reaching out to see if anyone wants in on the project, we’re a helpful bunch.



    It would theoretically be possible to merge these routes.

    I don’t think Danny is going to be your person for this as whilst he’s very good at merging routes, to my knowledge he can only merge routes with the same origin point whereas SpeedyPete is the king of merging routes with different origin points.

    Aside from all this though is the fact that merges are a LOT of work when you’re dealing with different origins. For example it would’ve, in retrospect, been easier and less work to build the entire ECML from scratch rather than merge them together.


    Thanks Ben, I learned a few things there too.

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