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    Windows CP

    I am currently Working on building the Elizabeth Line
    * The line will feature Reading to Shenfield
    * Along with that, the Abbey Wood Branch will be featured
    * As the paddington to abbey wood line is not already modeled in TS, it will use stock platforms
    * As TS does not have the Class 345, the C315 will subsitiute them

    The Line will be built upon the DTG GWML from the RailSimulator Days
    * Its likely that west of Reading will be removed

    The Anticipated Requirements are:

    AP Class 315
    London – Faversham High Speed (OHLE)


    Why not see if you can obtain permission from the lads who did the Western Mainlines Electrification Project [oliver168002 + another individual] as their’s would be more up-to-date with the whole aesthetic of the route.

    Hannah taylor

    i would use one of the germen routes as that has the correct OHLE that is used on crossrail unless the ATS OHLE pack gets updated to use the correct OHLE type which is the bar type its also used on the thameslink core

    Ed Thompson

    Hi. How is the development going? Do you have a Facebook or Discord link?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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