ECML Merge QD problem

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    Mike Rudkin

    Hi. After installing the latest QD enabled version I have a problem. QD’s Northbound are fully functional but,QDs started North of Doncaster running South bring up an error message….

    Driver IC225 at 54.97575 -1.62195-Unknown error
    Driver IC225 at 54.97575 -1.62195-Missing Marker Doncaster

    F2 and ‘exit’ locks the sim.

    By the way. The IC225 in the lines above changes to reflect whatever it is you’re driving. Any QD from Doncaster, or any point South of Doncaster driving Southbound seems to work correctly. My installation log shows all OK so……Any ideas? Is this a problem on my installation or on the route itself?

    Thanks for any input.

    Peter Morris

    Im having the same problem too


    Same Problem here too.

    Tim Hubbard

    Same here too! Edinburgh to York is fine. York to Doncaster is a no no.
    Has anyone noticed any strange and sudden speed restrictions as well?
    I did a test run from Edinburgh to York and not far from Edinburgh whilst thrashing my Azuma at 85mph
    a sudden an invisible undocumented 10mph restriction caught me speeding! Also similar happens whilst just after crossing pointwork at Doncaster. Another undocumented speed restriction!

    Maarten Otto

    Yes I have the same error near Doncaster and also experience a sudden drop in line speed to 10 mph between Edinburgh and Dunbar.

    Mike Rudkin

    I’ve just discovered a further issue relating to the latest ECML merge. Not sure whether this is entirely experienced in QD or, is also experienced in scenarios…In the portion of the merge that is the JT Edinburgh-Newcastle there are sections of OHLE missing. The actual wires to be accurate. Particularly in Berwick station and over the Royal Border bridge. Interestingly, there’s no issue with the JT route when run individually. Only in the merge.
    Anyone else see this? Also, is there a possibility that the original QD issue stopping Southbound progress beyond Doncaster has been noted?


    peacock babalola

    same problem

    Anthony Eyre

    Same issue here! Would love to know how to fix as it seems I can only do Kings Cross > Edinburgh (Not the scenario version or I get this error).

    Tried to create a support ticket, been waiting 3/4 days now and still no answer… Not good at all! Bought a subscription for this and it doesn’t work to the full extent…

    Francis O’Neill

    Did this one ever get resolved?

    Anthony Eyre

    I was in a back and forth contact with Alan Thomson and they admitted there’s a fault and are due to fix it, but never seen or heard anything since…

    Michael Foy

    OK. At least I know this is definitely not an isolated issue. Hope they do sort this out. Should honestly be a relatively easy fix, I would assume.

    Anthony Eyre

    I was told from the team by the contact us section stating:

    “There will be an update to the route very soon, this should hopefully fix these issues.”

    So expect an update any time soon! 🙂


    I am also experiencing this problem, is a fix in the works?


    Also experiencing this problem. From the looks of it this issue has been going on since the start or 2020.

    Thomas Maddox

    I’m also having this issue.

    Any ideas when a fix will be released?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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