Desiro City Enhancement Pack

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    Bob Hunt

    In Collaboration with Windows CP, I am working on a Refreshed Version of the Desiro City Class 700(707/717). I hope to have:

    Passenger View

    Class 801 Cab

    Southeastern Livery for 707

    Desiro City Sounds

    Branding (For 700, Thameslink, for 707, SE/SWT/SWR, and 717, GTR)

    Electric Requirement (will no longer run of ‘Magic Beans’. NOTE: Because the Original Owner lost the source files, I cannot add a Pantograph.)


    As a 707 driver (not been for too long and won’t be for much longer!) this sounds awesome, if you need any info then let me know on Discord SirSpareALot#4066.

    It will make a fine addition to TS and I hope that it works out for you, best of luck!


    I’ve got some semi-professional sound-recording equipment I can use to get various sounds (though not everything) – give me a buzz on Discord (same username) if you want to chat

    Bob Hunt

    Update to this Project: The Hard Drive that the Project Files for this were stored on were deleted by my mischievous little sister. As a result, this project will be delayed

    Bob Hunt

    I have a Question. Before the Source Files were lost, whenever I tried to put the 801 cab into this train, it just would not work. What was I doing wrong?


    Sounds good

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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