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    I have to say the new Chat Moss is AMAZING! I’m new to TS2021 after a couple of years of TSW on console and I just love the choice of add-ons available 🙂 I purchased the route (plus the OHLE pack) and having the TP 802 just gives so many options on northern route Quick Drives. Like I said, I’m new and don’t have a massive library of 3rd party add-ons, but looking at the relatively short list of requirements for 9M36 1742 Newcastle to Liverpool Lime Street, I took the plunge and purchased/downloaded what’s on the list:
    • AP Class 175 Enhancement Pack (£9.99)
    • AP Class 319 Vol 1 EMU Pack (£19.99)
    • AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack (£11.99)
    • Fuller Sim Drax Wagons
    However, after installing these, I got an error when running the scenario which mentioned the Class 150 and the Class 156. So, I then bought the following, thinking maybe they were missed off the list:
    • AP Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack (£9.99)
    • AP Class 156 DMU Pack (£24.99)
    You can see I’m a few quid down now and the bad news is I still get an error when trying to run scenario 9M36.

    What am I missing? Any help would be much appreciated – thanks in advance.

    Error Message

    Marc Cadmore

    Hey man

    Looks like you’re missing the AP 150/2 pack as well. But if you press F2 when that error shown in the screenshot appears, then click cancel, you can still play the scenario, albeit with any missing stock not showing up.


    Thank you so much Marc – F2 then Cancel is a great tip! This and most of the other scenarios are running great now and I can add the missing elements over time…

    Happy days.

    Jeff Hall

    You’ll also need the DTG BR Class 150/1 pack – this is to support the AP Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack

    Tom Alexander


    thank you for that tip aswell, being doing my head in trying ti play scenarios where i dont have everything i never knew that tip.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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