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    Paul Ninnes

    Hi all,

    Is anyone using the sky & weather enhancement pack from ap, if so take a look at the screenshots below & tell me if you’ve experienced similar issues with over exposed lighting. I’ve contacted Rich on the AP site about this, he’s not really sure it’s down to the enhancement pack & says it could be graphic settings within the game, I’m a bit dubious about that because I’ve had a play with them and tested, nothing can fix this over exposed lighting issue except removing the enhancement pack by replacing the time of day files with the originals for that particular route.

    I also decided to completely wipe my ts install and downloaded everything on steam again & the only 3rd party stuff I installed was the ap class 156 dmu & the sky & weather enhancement pack & by doing so I’m greeted with the issue shown in the screenshots below


    You can see the over exposed lighting on the ceiling, seats and the tables etc

    And here’s what it looks like normal, just moving the camera angle around or even changing passenger seat views (there’s 5 to select) can return the lighting to normal, depending on where the camera angle is looking can either result in normal lighting or appearing over exposed!


    Here’s two more screenshots from a few months back which show the issue nicely as well



    That last pic, if I looked down to where all the lighting controls were in the cab, the view became so over exposed I couldn’t even see the control switches lol, so this issue is really detracting from what is otherwise a good pack, I like all the weather options available etc.

    This over exposed lighting is a real issue in late evening/night time scenarios but even during the day, depending what loco loco I’m driving as you approach a speed limit sign for instance that becomes so over exposed you can’t read the speed limit number on it.

    There’s a major problem somewhere, either due to this pack or some compatibility issue with another addon but I can’t really see that because as I said above, I wiped everything and after steam re-installed everything the only two third party items installed was the ap class 156 dmu and the ap sky/weather enhancment pack.

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