AP/Just Trains scenario requiremants in ATS subscriptions.

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    Martin Niblock

    What is it with this site and AP/ Just Train stuff. A lot of us have or can just afford the DTG stuff and granted AP add a few bells and whistles to the trains/rolling stock, but come on, it’s AI who will notice. Don’t get me wrong I do have a number of Just Train routes and rolling stock and AP enhancements and other products, so I’m not about to criticise their stuff but if this site is just for AP and Just Trains, then please make that a stipulation before joing ATS.
    Every, single scenarion I have looked at requires at least a majority of the their products. Some of you may just say ‘ Just get TS tools to swap out stock’. That is so soul destroying when all anyone wants to do play a scenario.

    Bradleigh Ennis

    The only reply I can think of for this is, realism.

    I don’t have a massive collection myself of AP and JT stuff, but I have what I’d describe as the basic nessesaties to have some form of realism in the game.

    My advice would be to build your own scenarios, its incredibly easy to do and there are plenty of videos on youtube on how to do so.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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