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    EMD E8A

    Last month I started working on my own scenario for the North London Line (the North London and Goblin Lines version) with the AP/Waggonz Class 313. Near the end of my first test of the scenario, I was held at a red signal after leaving Kew Gardens (this scenario goes from Stratford to Richmond). The estimated arrival time into Richmond was at least 10 minutes after the scheduled arrival, which is impossible because Kew Gardens and Richmond are not 10 minutes apart.

    Upon investigation, the player train and the AI train ahead of it were being held up by another AI train. For some reason, the game is delaying this AI train for 10 minutes before it can proceed to Richmond. I tried changing the starting platforms of the AI trains that begin at Richmond, but the AI train is still delayed.

    Should I delete this AI train altogether? My concern is that I’m trying to create an accurate scenario based on the Working Timetable, and doing so my scenario will be a little less accurate, but perhaps most people won’t notice the missing service in the scenario. Should I delete the scenario and start over? That is my worst case scenario.

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