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    Justin Ford

    Afternoon all 🙂

    Has anyone had problems creating consists in TS2020 using 64-bit? The reason I ask is because it loads up to about 17%, crashes and I’m back to Steam 🙁

    Would the best way to be to create consisits in 32-bit mode, then load TS2020 in 64-bit, hope and prayer that it works?? 🙂


    Peter C

    I’ve had this sort of issue many a time. 😀 I think going back to 32-bit would only make the problem worse, as TS would then have less RAM to work from. Applications such as RWTools, which is linked at the bottom of the ATS site (in the footer), can help you with this – but I can’t as I’m as thick as mince with it 😀

    Hope this helps,


    Justin Ford

    Hi Peter,

    It kinda makes sense!! I will have a look at RW Tools 🙂

    I will reply back to my findings!!

    Justin 🙂

    Malcolm Orme

    Have you installed any thing new in the last few weeks .I found every time I got the problems it was a asset that was the problem .Run any new assets through RWtools and see if it finds any problems .I finished up uninstalling new assets then loading them one at a time till the asset editer worked.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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