Reply To: The East Coast Mainline Merge


Hi, firstly, a big thank you for some awesome new additions to TS. Watching your YouTube channel led me from TSW to TS2019 and I’m now a satisfied train simmer. The thing that coaxed me into subscribing is the ECML merge 🙂

However, even though I have all the dependent routes and their dependencies, the ECML merge won’t show in the quick drive route selection. I’ve been through the route properties xml file to make sure I have every requirement right down to the Just Trains modern signal pack (I was missing this).

I’ve copied all assets and content over to the railworks folder (1.22GB, some 17,000 files), cleared the game cache, tried everything I can think of that might be affecting the ability for the game to recognise the route but it just doesn’t show up.

Any help would be hugely appreciated, I can’t wait to drive London to Edinburgh!