Reply To: ECML merge route by SpeedyPete202

Mark Tyrrell

Hello all,

I had sent a support request about this error and I have tried everything as best I could to rectify this issue. The station at NORTHALLERTON is missing platforms and partial fencing. I had purchased ALL routes needed to run this merging route correctly. There is no reason for Northallerton station to be missing those assets. I have also discovered that JustTrains York to Newcastle is not required as previously thought. I misread the instructions that DPSimulations have this on their website shown as East Coast Mainline North East. I did download this route and therefore everything should work – but, it doesn’t! Even uninstalling this merge of the entire ECML, I did uninstall the JT version of the route. The recommended routes are in my system and in return, I reinstalled The East Mainline Merge route and it has made no difference. I have even tried to work on the station using the World Editor and it jams when you try to save it. I have had a problem with the route last time I placed new platforms and fencing where the ‘milk bottles’ highlight the missing scenery. Support did contact me and only replied last week asking me for screenshots of the station. All sent, but haven’t heard anything about it as yet. Thanks.