Reply To: Protecting Train Sim

Shane King

Just a quick follow up. What I mean is that if I have to rebuild from scratch, perhaps due to a new PC or a corrruption or whatever then I could just get steam to install whatever it is I have purchased from steam. If, once I did that, I simply overwrote the assets and routes folders that I have kept safe into the newly installed railworks folder then would everything be back as it was? Is it (hopefully) that simple? No need to re-install Armstrong Powerhouse Enhancement packs etc.?
I guess the analogy is like this: Keeping all of your excel spreadsheets in a removable hard drive. One day, your PC blows up and you buy a new one. You install Excel but everything is fine because you have all of your files on your portable hard drive.
I have so many 3rd party add-ons it is not funny and I have fought blood sweat and tears to swap the right locos and consists in RW_Tools. I now have built up a huge and wondrous thing. I’m just scared that one day it will all come crashing down.