Reply To: ECML merge route by SpeedyPete202

Mark Tyrrell

Hi Stover,

I have done what was possible for this route and unfortunately, Northallerton station is still missing its platforms. I had redownloaded the route via ATS website and had also beforehand deleted the route, whilst checking if there was a digital purchase available for York to Newcastle Modern distributed by JustTrains company. It looks like that they no longer sell the modern version of their route in digital format. What I did do in the past, prior to getting the merging route for Train Simulator was copy the folder of the route from an older computer, as I have the CD version of JT York to Newcastle Modern. The computer I am running Train Simulator now on doesn’t have a CD Rom installed as I believe that they no longer use them. My older computer has a CD rom where I previously used Train Simulator. So I copied that route direct from the TS folder and placed it into the route section of the simulator via an external hard drive. The thing is, I am wondering if this may have anything to do with the errors? As technically, the route was ‘copied’ and not correctly installed? Even though the route itself looks absolutely fine, but as there is a merging route, maybe the program cannot pick up the route properly, because of it being copied, as it hasn’t been installed through admin rights? This is one thing that might be causing the issue, perhaps? Many thanks.