Reply To: ECML merge route by SpeedyPete202


Good morning, I’m now home and hopefully using TSTools will be able to help you, What you need to do is open TSTools (assuming youve told it where your Railworks installation is) and select Route Building Tools from the top ribbon of options. Then select Check Routes or Scenarios and scroll down until you find the East Coast Mainline Merge (it will be under The East Coast Mainline if youre using the London-Edinburgh Route, not East Coast Mainline as thats a different route.) Then press Check Selected route and press Yes to ignore assets from scenarios thenlet it scan, this will most likely take a long time seeing as its 400 milles of route. if an error comes up saying theres a missing template, just cancel it, im not sure what it means but it didnt affect my results. when its done press Remove duplicates from list to make looking through a bit easier, but you could now do one of two things, search for names of missing assets like tunnel, or go onto train simulator, start a quick drive and go to whichever assets are milk bottling, double click them and their file path should show up. if this doesnt work, the only other thing beside replacing all missing assets by hand (probably not the best idea) would be to buy the route again and reinstall the ECM Merge.
hope it helps!