Reply To: ECML merge route by SpeedyPete202

Mark Tyrrell

Hi all, just to say that things are working well in the merging route of the ECML. I’m still a bit concerned that there are ‘milk bottles’ highlighting places where assets should be – despite purchasing all routes needed to work for this merging route. If anything, I do have the DVD version of Newcastle to York ‘modern’ that was purchased many years ago – and it was actually copied from my former computer and pasted into my recent computer, where I am running Train Simulator. I don’t know if it has anything to do with that, (failed to reinstall the route correctly, I don’t know) or something else is missing? Having said this, I am also concerned that nobody in this forum has replied to my discussion, who in turn also have the ECML merging route? Perhaps someone out there can help me out with regards to what else would be needed to “complete” this merging route.