Reply To: ECML merge route by SpeedyPete202

Mark Tyrrell

Just an update, I have now fully paid for more needed merchandise and it has made a difference. However, I still noticed that Northallerton station still has missing platforms and a couple of milk bottles in situ. I even had to purchase The Woodhead route to see if it had the UK buildings vol.1 (according to someone saying that it is available from The Woodhead route). However much this cost in buying professional routes to complete this major route, is ludicrous and I don’t intend to offend anyone who works their socks off in creating ‘freebie’ routes and perhaps merging technology, as I understand that it is very hard time consuming work. I only have concerns, when there is still missing assets that are supposed to be in the route available from ATS website here. It would be more beneficial if someone, particularly the developer of the merging of ECML could answer any concerns for his route. Any solutions would be great if possible. Thanks everyone!